Board of Trustees

We have a very supportive Board who work hard to support our staff, students and parents.  This dedication was recognised in their placings as finalists in the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards for Governance, in 2017.  There were only two Boards in New Zealand to receive this accolade.


Anne Butcher Chairperson
Trish Coyle Parent Representative
Kim Merwood Parent Representative
Andrea Wilson Parent Representative
Kristyn Stefhest Parent Representative
Bea Carter-Judd Staff Representative
Brandon Cudby Student Representative
Daniel Murfitt Principal
Keleigh Atkins Secretary


The Board meets its annual reporting requirement and has well established self-review practices.  Policies are reviewed on a two yearly cycle.  An annual plan with appropriate student achievement targets is developed annually with progress reports by the senior lead team presented twice a year.  Staff members in positions of responsibility provide yearly annual reports and plans which are personally presented to the Board on a biennial basis.  Delegations are bestowed each year at the first meeting.