Student Achieving

Student achievement is the core focus of William Colenso College. We provide a wide range of opportunities for students to achieve success in the academic, sporting and cultural fields.

We are very proud of what our students accomplish, and in this section we will share some of their stories.


Savanna Hiha

– Dux – Centennial Cup

– Outstanding Effort: Level 3 Health Sciences, Level 2 Chemistry
– Outstanding Achievement: Level 3 Health Sciences, Level 3 Calculus, Level 2 English, Senior Dance
– Outstanding Service: Debating, Writer for He Ngakau Hou, Dance
McKelvie Cup for Year 12 All Round Excellence
Petersen Family Cup for Year 12 Academic Excellence
U3A HB Speech Competition Winner 2014
Academic Honours Award: 2013 Level 1 Excellence Endorsement, 2014 Level 2 Merit Endorsement, 2015 Level 2 Excellence Endorsement
Head Leader 2016


Bobbette Beauchmap

– Proxime Accessit-Cup donated by Roy and Priscilla Peach

– Outstanding Effort: Level 3 Art

Principals Award

Academic Honours Awards:  2013 Level 1 Merit Endorsement
Head Girl 2015

Carwen Jones

– Outstanding Effort: Level 2 Biology, Level 3 Film, Level 2 English
– Outstanding Service: Debating, Public Speaking, Writer for He Ngakau Hou
Helen Yensen Award for Excellence in Journalism, Presented by Sally Crown/Councillor Maxine Boag He Ngakau Hou Newspaper
Matthews Cup for Outstanding Service to the School
U3A HB Speech Competition Winner 2015
Academic Honours Award: 2014 Level 1 Merit Endorsement, 2015 Level 2 Merit Endorsement

Jesse Rahui

– Te Manutaki Trophy Maori Leadership Award