International Student Support

William Colenso College prides itself in the support we offer our International Students. We have a dedicated team of professional people who work hard to ensure the welfare and educational needs of our overseas visitors are met.

The International Director (Mr Robin Stewart) oversees the International Programme. He is the contact person for students or agents who wish to enquire about study at William Colenso College. When students arrive he advises them regarding subject choice and course selection. He also deals with such things as insurance, immigration matters, and students wishing to travel International Director & wife, Kathy outside of Napier during holidays.

The ESL Teacher (Mrs Julia Huang) takes classes for students who need extra assistance with learning English. Students are able to attend her classes for up to six hours a week. There are no extra costs involved. She also gives in-class support to students who require it in other subjects.

Assisting Mrs Huang, there are also two International Teacher Aides who can offer in-class support to students. They will sit alongside students in class who have difficulty understanding English and help them understand the subject teacher’s instructions.

Other ways to support International Students

As well as the dedicated staff of the International Department, there are many other staff members willing to assist in making your time here as pleasant and meaningful as possible.

Here are just some of the ways in which International Students are supported.

Before you get here:

Before arrival, all queries will be answered as fully and promptly as possible. The International Director will help with any immigration or insurance matters which may arise.

Arriving and getting settled:
  • All students will be met at Napier Airport by their host family and a representative from the College
  • All students are placed in suitable, police vetted, homestay situations. Most of these are within walking distance of the school and few are more than about 15 minutes by bicycle from school
  • There will be a two or three day orientation programme organised for the February and July intake of new students. This is designed to help familiarise students with the school, the staff and school procedures
  • Assistance will be given by the International Director and Year Level Deans in selecting the most appropriate course depending on what each student hopes to achieve while at William Colenso College
Day to day and into the future:
  • The Homestay Co-ordinator, as well as placing you in the homestay she feels is most suitable for you, will deal with any problems which may arise between you and your homestay family. She may agree to change your homestay if the matter is a serious one
  • Your Form Teacher will be happy to help with any classroom difficulties you may have
  • Our International Teacher Aides will help with in-class support as much as possible. Their support is usually reserved for students who are struggling with the language
  • A Doctor/Nurse and Student Counsellor are available on campus for any concerns
  • When it is time to think about life after William Colenso College, the International Director and the Careers Advisor will be able to help you select and apply for a suitable tertiary institution – University, Technical Institute, or other