Our Learning

Quality Co-education on your doorstep:

Preparing students in the 21st century demands an educational environment that is reflective of today’s society.  A spirit of co-operation and competition thrives in the co-educational system.  A healthy learning atmosphere is created by boys and girls growing up together and learning together.

Collaboration between boys and girls in the classroom helps develop confidence in students so that they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions in any situation, and enables them to excel in university/tertiary education, in the workforce and beyond as leaders.

We are proud of our diverse student body which reflects both genders.  Benefits of a co-educational education are:

  • Preparation for real-world experiences and situations
  • Exposure to male and female role models
  • Exposure to and preparation for different leadership styles
  • Exposure to diverse values and lifestyles
  • Encouragement of wide-ranging opinions and ideas
  • Creation of a good learning and social environment in the classroom providing a rich academic experience
  • Nurturing confidence in boys and girls
  • A focus on each student’s individual needs rather than specifically on gender.

Our school culture is built on the values of Manaakitanga (Respect), Whanaungatanga (Belonging) and Hirangatanga (Excellence in Effort).  These are clearly evident in the relationships of mutual respect between students and teachers.

Our Outdoor Education and Arts (Drama, Dance, Music, Design, Photography, Art, Film) programmes provide students with a large number of skills and attributes such as a physical development, creativity, self-confidence, team work and time management.  These are all important competencies which will help our young people face the challenges of the 21st century.