Learning Support

We have just been awarded the 2018, Prime Minister’s Excellence Award in Inclusive Education. This means that the model at William Colenso College of Student Support Services is regarded as the leader in ensuring all students with any learning, health, behaviour, social Issues can gain extra support through our department. This means the student and their teacher(s) are  supported to maintain the student to be included in the mainstream.

The Support Services building which houses all the services is regarded by students as their place to come if they need anything. This may be as simple as to sign in or out of the school, to making an appointment with one of the three nurses who hold clinics in the centre, to see the Guidance Counsellor or one of the many Outside Providers who come into this building to meet with students. This means that students do not need to leave school to receive these services. Its the place where you can get shoes or a jacket, it’s where you can come for breakfast and lunch, its where sick bay is and numerous other services.

The building also houses Te Whanau Ora, which is our learning and behaviour support classroom. It’s where any student can access extra learning support if needed and it is regarded as the heart of the centre where students’ whole hauora’ -which includes social and emotional needs are attended to which impact on their readiness for learning. It is the school’s “living family” where any student can find extra support to maintain them in the mainstream.