Physical Education, Health and Outdoor Education

In PE, Health and Outdoor Education we show manakitanga for ourselves, each other and the environment. We focus on team building, individual responsibility, team work and developing leadership using our subjects as a medium to do so. In all areas we strive for excellence (Hirangatanga) through goal setting and improving individual and group performance. We aim to adapt the curriculum to suit individual student’s pathways with tailored programmes that are pathway specific. Such as the Armed forces, class which came out of a need to prepare student for entry into the Armed forces.

PE is providing a useful medium for literacy credits at level 1. The introduction of these credits is also providing an opportunity for students to achieve their literacy credits in our subject area.

We implement a range of learning opportunities provided through e-learning methods, WCC pathways and goal setting.

We endeavour to build positive and responsive relationships, including whanau wherever possible the focus being on improving engagement in physical activity.

We encourage reflective practice and enjoy being a part of the Kia Eke Panuku programme to both enhance Teacher practice through feedback and improve Maori outcomes.

Our department strongly support and encourage the use of the restorative justice system as a means to resolve conflict and curb negative behaviour.

PE and Outdoor Education departments meet the requirements of the NZC and continue to link the offered programmes to the key competencies.

We offer integrated and coherent qualifications from Level 1-3. The PE and OE courses have links to industry based qualifications and future career options.

Our Health programmes link with the wider community by bringing outside agencies into the school to discuss health matters. Currently the health programme is available at every year level and offers a broad range of topics such as relationships, drug use, sexual health, sexuality, food and nutrition.

In the last year Maori students averaged 12 credits per student per class which is the same as the class average proving that in this subject there is no gap between Maori and non-Maori.