Performing Arts


What is Performing Arts?

Performing Arts is the study and practise of disciplines involving ‘Performance’.  Performance can be communicated through Dance, Drama, Music, Kapa Haka, Media and Costuming.    The main idea behind Performing Arts is the use of the Body and Voice to convey an artistic expression.  This differs from Visual Arts where artistic expression is conveyed through a portable medium.  Performing Arts mean it is live performance and it is art.


What is Senior Performing Arts at William Colenso College?

The Senior Performing Arts Department at William Colenso College provides students with learning opportunities to develop skills in Dance, Drama, Music and Maori Performing arts which encompasses all these disciplines.  Teachers in this department are specialists in particular areas of this curriculum and have developed a scaffolded approach to meet the cognitive needs of our students and provide students with learning opportunities that meet the assessment requirements of ‘The New Zealand Curriculum’ and NCEA.  Students are expected to engage in the practical and theoretical elements of their chosen courses leading into Performance.  They are required to develop an understanding of the disciplines which can be shown through Performance, oral, written and visual means.  Students are encouraged to participate in all parts of the courses and also be a part of extra curriculum opportunities to back up their learning.  The school values, Maankitanga, Whanaungatanga and Hiranatanga are reflected in within the programmes provided and ethos of developing well rounded students.


LINKS TO the WCC Strategic Plan

To Achieve responsive outcomes for all students the department:

  • Acknowledges the successes students have made through positive feedback and recognition.
  • When and where possible co-construct with students about units and the learning that may take place.
  • Give students autonomy to direct own performances
  • Students can negotiate performances with staff
  • Students have choices about music, performance devices they use for performance standards.
  • Create time during lessons, units where students can use own prior knowledge.

To Achieve responsive systems and processes, the department:

  • Monitors, analyses and evaluates student achievement data to reflect on programme delivery. Aims to improve Maori achievement through deliberate acts of teaching.
  • Annually reviews all programmes through data collection related to assessments and overall curriculum delivery aiming to improve each year the learning outcomes for all students.
  • Maintains systems through budgets

To Achieve responsive learning opportunities, the department:

  • Provide opportunities for students to engage with and develop the key competencies in a variety of ways.
  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in real life learning situations where possible, linking these to the lives of our students.
  • Provide extension activities within Performing Arts for students needing challenge. Also include opportunities for our International students.  Provide links to support students looking to gain entrance into University or tertiary education.
  • Provide opportunities for students to use digital devices that enhance their learning.


To Achieve responsive relationships, the department:

  • Develops where necessary individualized programmes for students to meet their needs.
  • Negotiate learning and assessment where possible for students.
  • Embrace the school Restorative Justice System and Te Kotahitanga programme to enable positive relationships.
  • Provide enrichment activities where possible that inspire learning.