What is the subject ‘Technology’?

Technology is a creative, purposeful subject aimed at meeting the needs and opportunities through the development of products, systems, or environments. Knowledge, skills and resources are combined to help solve practical problems.

What is Technology at William Colenso College?

Technology education at William Colenso College is a planned process designed to develop students’ competence and confidence in understanding and using existing technologies and in creating solutions to technological problems. It contributes to the intellectual and practical development of students.

Links to the WCC Strategic Plan

To achieve responsive outcomes for all students, the department:

  • Students are encouraged to participate in purposeful activities that enable them to apply and integrate their knowledge and skills from a range of learning areas in real and practical ways.
  • Students become aware of the different ways different groups of people respond to technology and how it impacts on their lives
  • Provides students with a range of courses which are appropriate to their needs.

To achieve responsive systems and processes, the department:

  • Monitors, analyses and evaluates student achievement data to reflect on and review programme delivery. Aims explicitly to improve Maori achievement through deliberate acts of teaching.
  • Maintains (via HOL) fiscal integrity and adheres to budgetary constraints.
  • Annually reviews all programmes to find better outcomes for students (in particular, raise Maori achievement).

To achieve responsive learning opportunities, the department:

  • Presents students with opportunities to engage with and develop the key competencies in a range of contexts.
  • Attempts to offer real and relevant curriculum challenges via a range of projects.
  • Provide extension activities.
  • Offer e-learning opportunities where possible.

To achieve responsive relationships, the department:

  • Embraces the school Restorative Justice System and pedagogical practices to enable positive relationships and critical dialogue.
  • Develops, where necessary, individualised learning programmes to meet each student’s needs.