Visual Arts

The Arts at William Colenso College provide students with a rich and varied selection of courses to satisfy their creative potential. This creative outlet allows students the opportunity to demonstrate the values promoted by the school, Whanaungatanga through performances, Hirangatanga through presentation of work in exhibitions so that an audience can view and gain meaning from the artwork and aiming for endorsements and Manaakitanga through working as a team in performances and respecting the work of others in visual arts.

Visual Arts links to the strategic plan

  • The courses provided for the Visual Arts provide opportunities for students to gain their functional literacy in Level 2 Design and Photography by writing about their artworks and using language appropriate to art.
  • The courses are culturally responsive by giving a choice of content to engage learners. As students move through the senior school they have increasingly greater knowledge, which allows them to take control of their own content and learning. For example, the internal standards for levels 2 and 3 have a broad theme to allow for choice and then students make their own decisions about the external work content, within the context of the requirements for the Achievement Standards, based on their interests and skill base.
  • The Art Department responds to learning opportunities by providing art extension programmes for Year 7/8s which exposes students to a greater variety of art forms.
  • Students set goals within their subjects which allows them to reflect on their learning and areas for improvement.
  • Students are encouraged to attend taster days and Star courses to extend their experiences and knowledge of possible future pathways.

Links to the qualifications framework and Key competencies

The Art department caters for the needs of all students, from those on IEPs who struggle to achieve, to those striving for Merit and Excellence. This is further promoted by the department goal of increasing the numbers of Merits and Excellences across the senior school programme.

There is a large uptake of courses by international students and a correspondingly high achievement performance, even from students who are completely new to the subject.

Middle school art classes help students make informed choice regarding their future pathways by providing content which links into the senior programmes.

The Art department staff have fully embraced the Te Kotahitanga and Kia Eke Panuku philosophy in their teaching and delivery of programmes, striving to improve Maori achievement. This is in keeping with the school wide goal.

Art Department structures that support the Senior School Curriculum

The Art department supports the special character of the school curriculum by providing flexibility within programmes as the year progresses. It allows for individual learning plans and for more able students can learn at their own pace.