Student Support Services provides learning, health and behaviour support to students in the mainstream to enable them to succeed as well as their capabilities allow. Support Services also provides support for the teachers to enable them to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of these students.

Te Whanau Ora is also provided as a learning and behaviour support classroom for students to use when they need extra support to enable them to succeed in the mainstream. This might be for several periods/week or just some time to chill and compose after an upset before returning to the mainstream.

Support Services adapts support to the individual needs of the student and may be as little as a place to have breakfast, morning tea and  lunch.  It might be to collect daily medication, see the nurse, work with the guidance counsellor, see other counsellors provided by Outside Providers. It might be to use the break out rooms for some extra tuition or rest in the sick bay if unwell.

Student Support Teachers work with students who have identified learning, health and behaviour issues and this may be in Support Services or in the main stream classroom.

The overiding ethos of Support Services is to support the whole school to ensure there is inclusive and equitable services provided to all who need it so each individual student can be present, engaged and learning.