Exciting and Varied

At William Colenso College, we offer a wide and exciting variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities that should stimulate and reward any student that chooses to join us.

Before making any subject choices it is important as a student to think about what you enjoy doing at school and what your strengths are. You can then try to match those factors to a particular career pathway. There are plenty of people at school who can assist with this process – subject teachers or your Dean.

Another avenue to investigate is the Career Services website.

What Subjects do I need?

Remember that after school you will want to either:

  • Study further – for instance, Polytechnic, University (Tertiary Institutes)
  • Enter into an apprenticeship or
  • Get into a chosen career field

Whatever your chosen option, it may require you to have studied particular subjects at school. It is important that you have a general idea of what sort of career pathway you may wish to pursue and investigate what subjects will give you the best opportunities to do so. So…

  • Keep your selection broad – your ideas may change over time
  • Check the recommended and compulsory subjects that you may need for further study at school or at Tertiary Level
  • Consult our Subject Section Booklet

We host a “Subject Selection” evening in Term 3 – check the school calendar for dates.

Subject Selection

We offer the following subjects, and so much more…

Advanced Computer Studies 101

Advanced English

Advanced English 101

Advanced English 201

Advanced English 301

Advanced Maths

Advanced Maths 101

Advanced Maths 201

Advanced Physical Education 101

Advanced Physical Education 201

Advanced Physical Education 301

Advanced Science

Advanced Science 101


Art 101

Barista 201

Biology 201

Biology 301


Catering 201

Catering Academy

Chemistry 201

Chemistry 301

Coaching Module

Communication English 101

Computer Studies 102

Computer Studies 201

Computer Studies 301

Construction 101

Construction 201

Dance 101

Dance 201

Dance 301

Design 201

Design 301


Drama 101

Drama 201

Drama 301

Engineering 101

Engineering 201


English for the Workplace Mod 1

English for the Workplace Mod 2

English Multi Level 1 – 3

ESOL 101

ESOL 201

Food and Nutrition 101

Food and Nutrition 301

Food Technology


General Science 102

Graphics 101


Horticulture 101

Horticulture 201



ICT Movie Making

Information Science

Intro to Photo Shop Mod



Life In Real World


Maori Performing Arts

Materials Technology 101


Maths 101

Maths Study

Maths with Calculus 301

Maths with Statistics 301

Media Studies 201

Media Studies 301


Music 101

Music 201

Music 301

Office Administration 101

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education 101

Outdoor Education 201

Outdoor Education 301

Painting 201

Painting/Printmaking 301

Performing Arts

Photography 201

Photography Digital and Photoshop 301

Physical Education

Physical Education 102

Physics 201

Physics 301

Principles of Cookery 201



Social Studies

Sport and Recreation 201

Te Reo

Te Reo 101

Te Reo 201

Te Reo 301

Te Waharoa 101


Technology & Textiles 201

Technology & Textiles 301