Stories from our Students

We are proud of the diversity our students bring to William Colenso College.  We have students from around Asia, Europe and of course Napier and surrounds.  Their stories offer an insight into our culture.  This is a culture that places high value on individual and team success.  It also values and encourages pride in diversity.

Finn Copestake Year 8

I’ve been here for over a year, and I’ve more than enjoyed my time at WCC. There’s lots of cool stuff to do here, like rock climbing and science. We even get to play minecraft sometimes. The teachers are really funny and nice. One of the best things here is the amount of stuff you get to do, because we have the same stuff that a high school would have, like a whole block of science (I love Science). There’s also the rock climbing wall, and although I’ve never had the courage to climb to the top, I still love the wall. So far at this school I’ve met lots of people and I’ve never found it hard to make new friends(I’m even friends with the Principal). Also, having a whole section of the school just for people your age is pretty sweet. The canteens tasty as well. Last year I did Horticulture and Debating and this year I’m going on a school trip to Samoa. I think WCC is the best school you can go to and I think it will send me great places.

Ella Riddiford Year 9

I am a Year 9 student at William Colenso College and am enjoying my first year here. I have recently been a part of the School Production, which was so much fun. I met heaps of cool people Being a part of the production has been the highlight of my year so far. I look forward to the many opportunities that are to come.

Eline Rahui Year 9

I have been here since Year 7 and have enjoyed every second of it. I am now in the senior hockey team with girls ranging from year 9 to year 13.

Mihi Te Tau Year 11

I love it at William Colenso College. Before I came here people thought I should attend other schools in Napier. However, I thought I would see for myself and ask around. I don’t like Believing what people say. I like to check things out for myself. So I decided to give this school a go. I’m glad I did because both the teachers and the environment is very warm and friendly. I enjoy learning and especially like Maths, English and Science has been a breeze for me.

I’ve been here for a little over 3 years now and I’v received so much support from the school, my teachers and classmates. I’ve been to a few camps, I learned about teamwork and about the outdoors. I’ve also been offered school activities such as going to a Rotary Club sponsored camp, and going to Maori leadership speech competitions. There are alot of sports activities available to students such as soccer, rock climbing, basketball, rugby, touch, volleyball, netball, hockey, softball, futsal, tennis, water polo, athletics, kayaking and badminton. If you want to do a sport at WCC you can, and it only costs $50, no matter how many sports you do.

I’m glad I came to this school because I have a great group of friends, and the teachers go out of their way to help me. I’d never imagine going anywhere else because I’m very happy here.