2023 Enrolments - Please contact the school office to arrange your enrolment appointment: (06) 8310180 we encourage completing this before the end of 2022




General Inquiries +64 6 831 0180
Teenage Parent Unit +64 6 833 6758
Early Childhood Centre +64 6 833 6757

Postal Address
PO Box 5113, Greenmeadows
Napier 4145 New Zealand

Key staff contacts

Jocelyn Auld Principal principal@colenso.school.nz
Simon Mitchell Deputy Principal simon.mitchell@colenso.school.nz
Beth Te Kiri Deputy Principal beth.tekiri@colenso.school.nz
Bryan Adams Assistant Principal bryan.adams@colenso.school.nz
Phil Robertshaw Guidance Counsellor phil.robertshaw@colenso.school.nz
Rhys Fallen Year 9 Dean rhys.fallen@colenso.school.nz
Brooke Pearson Year 7&8 Dean brooke.pearson@colenso.school.nz
Leah Kersey Remutupo House Dean leah.kersey@colenso.school.nz
Josh Badger Maropea House Dean josh.badger@colenso.school.nz
Henry Ballantyne Waikamaka House Dean henry.ballantyne@colenso.school.nz
Hayley Christison Tupari House Dean hayley.christion@colenso.school.nz
Nicola Scotland Student Support / Te Whānau Ora nicola.scotland@colenso.school.nz
Robin Stewart International Student Director robin.stewart@colenso.school.nz
Laura Jackson International Student Director laura.jackson@colenso.school.nz
Jody Stent International Student Homestay Coordinator jody.stent@colenso.school.nz
Jan Hiha Relief Coordinator jan.hiha@colenso.school.nz
Sue Kay Teen Parent Unit Coordinators sue.kay@colenso.school.nz
Biff Waddel Teen Parent Unit Coordinators biff.waddel@colenso.school.nz
Student Absence   attendance@colenso.school.nz