2024 ENROLMENTS: Please contact the School Office for enrolment information and to book an enrolment interview: 06 831 0180


How to apply

Before you can enrol at a New Zealand high school you must obtain the appropriate Student Permit/Visa.

Most students like to work through a local Education Agent. If you wish to work with a local agent, but do not know any near you, please contact the International Director and he will be able to provide you with names and contacts for approved agents in your country who work with William Colenso College.

In summary, the forms required are:

School Terms and Fee Structure Information:

If you choose to use an agent, the agent will help you through the following steps which might differ a little depending on what country you come from.


You must complete an application form and you or your agent must send it to laura.jackson@colenso.school.nz


The International Director will consider your application and reply as soon as possible – usually within 24 hours.


If your application is accepted, an Offer of Place will be sent. This will also include an invoice with details of fees payable. At this time a Tuition Agreement will be sent.


As soon as payment has been received by the school, an official Receipt and Confirmation of Offer is sent. This is the document you will need when you apply for your Student Visa. You can find out more about visas on the Immigration New Zealand website.


You can now apply for your student visa. This is done through your nearest New Zealand Immigration Office. If you are using an agent, they will help you complete this application.


If you have all the required documentation completed correctly, it should not take long (2-3 weeks) until you receive your visa. You can now begin to make your travel arrangements.

International Contact Information

For all questions please contact International Director Laura Jackson
Phone: +64 06 831 0180
Email: laura.jackson@colenso.school.nz